The Secret of Living is Meditation

What is Meditation?


We usually live in the foggy environment of our mind. Meditation means to pierce through the clouds, where the mind is silent and our heart is wide open. Inside our heart are great hidden treasures: love, joy, peace, beauty, light. Once we experience these inner realities, we can bring them out into our day-to-day life. In this way we can transform our lifeĀ  into something deeper, more meaningful and more fulfilling.

How do I learn to meditate?


Step 1

Decide to know more about meditation. Find somebody that knows how to meditate. Get a feeling if that is something for you. Learn some exercises for concentration and meditation, and do them daily in the morning.

Theoretically you can get your exercises online or from a book, but in real life it makes a big difference if you start your meditation with a real person with real meditation knowledge. Many things you will learn simply by being in a meditative atmosphere – breathe in that atmosphere, and you are in the middle of learning how to meditate.

A good start is to go to a meditation course or go to a talk about meditation. Come to one of my talks if you live anywhere nearby, or go to some other event. Get an initial experience of silence.


Step 2

Decide to make meditation a part of your life. Meditate regularly every day, read some books, listen to some meditation music, attend meditation meetings. A great help is to join a meditation group – you will get additional additional knowledge, additional inspiration, and you will find friends that also have a deeper interest in life.

Group Meditation

Step 3

Decide to live a spiritual lifestyle. Look for a spiritual teacher that is able to give you not only outer help, but also can support your efforts from within. There are different paths and different masters. Choose a path that you like, and stick to it. Once you follow a specific path, success in your inner and outer life is just a matter of time.

Living is just 3 steps away!

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