About Myself


Kailash Beyer, Switzerland

I grew up in a non-religious family, but always felt drawn to inner and higher things. It took a while for me to find my way: first I joined a Christian youth organisation, then I got interested in Buddhism, then I studied psychology, did a psychoanalysis, and at some point I started meditating.

A deciding factor was finding a spiritual teacher – only then I knew I had found my path. Instead of becoming a psychotherapist, I opened a health food store and adjusted my lifestyle in order to concentrate on my spiritual goals. It took time, but slowly meditation became more than just practise, and the inner life more than just theory.

When I give talks and meditation courses today, I would like to share my experience with seekers for a better life and a better world. Peace and happiness are desperately needed in today’s world. If we can find real peace and happiness in our own heart, then we are doing more for the world than we can ever imagine.

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